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The number of works and services is large, so that a summary of our activities, with four works each year if you need more information about our experience please contact.

Newest to oldest:

Año 2.017

-Brasil: 100 MW solar farm in Sao Joao do Piaui.

-El Salvador: 30 MW solar farm in Marquez and Trinidad.

-Dubai: 200 MW solar farm in Dubai.

-Portugal: 46 MW solar farm in Ourique.

-México: Cartography of 2500 has in Chihuahua, Sonora and Puebla.

Year 2016:

-Sevilla: Bathymetric and cartography of 4 flood zones for thermosolar instalation.

-Brazil: Cartography of 1000 has in three parcels of Bahia and Piaui region with dron.

-Philipines: 50 MW solar farm in Palo (Tacloban)

-Mexico: Cartography of 100 has in Camargo for a solar plant project.


Year 2015

-Gibraltar: Bathymetric campaing for west harbor of Gibraltar.

-Guatemala: 50 MW solar farm in Chiquimulilla.

-Honduras: 49 MW solar farm in Choluteca, Marcovia province.

-Mexico: 18 MW solar farm in Durango.


Year 2014

-Cubing 30 ha of landfill industrial waste in Nerva (Huelva) with laser scanner 3d.

-Bathymetry and mapping of flood zone margins by drone and single beam of 100has  in  Balsa del Sapo, El Ejido.

-Geometric control by multibeam bathymetry in the new dike west of 600m lenght in the port of Almeria.


Year 2013

-Start construction of KACST SOLAR DESALINATION PLANT in Al-khafji, Saudi Arabia.

-Start construction in Iraq, AL RUSSAFA Stadium, 30000 spectators.

-LIDL-Mart in Almería Mediterranean Avenue.


Year 2012


-Start Stadium in ALHILLA BABIL  in Iraq, 30000 spectors.

-10 MW photovoltaic farm in Tenerife.

-Mapping the flight area of ​​South Tenerife airport and Las Palmas airport.

-Measurement facade, plans and sections of mansions in Moscow and Ukraine with laser scanner 3d.


Year 2011


-2º hibrid thermosolar plant in worl located in PSA Tabernas (Almería) INITEC (notice)

-3D-Measurement archaeological site in Bayyana (Pechina, Almería) video. (notice)

-Measurement ledge 3d Mallorca City Council. video  (notice)

-15 photovoltaic farms about  1-4MW in Italy. (notice)


Year 2010


-Electrical substation 40/220kv, REE, Electrical Grid of Spain  (Tabernas, Almería) (+)

-Demarcation of watercourses and public waterways, EISER.

-Recovery of river channel, TM Castro del Río, (Cordoba)  NACOBRAS.

-LIBYA football stadiums, MISURATA and Tripoli. PYCSA. video


Year 2009


-Offshore Terminal in Almeria of Oran-Alquián pipeline. VIAS. (more information)

-Supports photogrammetric 11,000 hectares. GSG

-Benahadux-electrical substation, APPLUS.

-Football fields with artificial turf in Adra, Roquetas, El Ejido, DEURSA AND TIGER TUFF.


Year 2008


-Installation ILS Almeria Airport. EMPTE SYSTEMS.

-Assistance of underground parking with 333 station " Gloria Fuertes", Almeria ZOFRE.

-Assistance for Raft   Cadimo mapping, Jaén, PYCSA (notice).

-Albox-suspension bridge. (Almeria) OTIPSA. (notice)


Year 2007


-Expansion of the departure terminal at Almeria Airport. DREDGING. (notice)

-Assistance Huéneja 400kV electrical substation (Granada). INCOSA.

-Construction and building 138 homes Altos de Macenas, MEDGROUP

-Construction of photovoltaic parks in Berja. ABASOL.


Year 2006


-Technical Assistance for PLAN AGUA, Almería . UTE Zofre-Pycsa. (notice)

-Technical Assitenca for PLAN AGUA ALBUFERA (Valencia). PYCSA. (+)

-Highway Earthworks ALMARGEN Saucejo 11 kms. Tractus. (notice)

-Road 4kms south of El Ejido. Espinosa-Salcoa UTE-Nila.


Year 2005


-KAPPA-Industrial 20.000m2 in Vicar. NAPISA. (notice)

-Aguadulce Boulevard. VIMAC. (notice)

-Housing -185 Macenas Resort. DRAGADOS.

-Residential housing -134 Salinas de Vera. JATAR. (+)


Year 2004


-Support Transvase Ebro, Section of Almeria. TRASAGUA. (+)

-Highway 3 kms Turrillas and variant. VERGEL CAMACHO. (+)

-282 Apartments in Puerto Rey. DICO GROUP. (+)

-Control variant earthmoving Parador, Section Dragados. JALILLOS.


Year 2003


-Bowers pp.kk. 428.6 and 429.7 and rainwater network-Aguadulce Crossing The Parador. COMSA.

-Supply project-Assistance T. M. Nijar, 120kms. IGC. GIASA.

-Hotel Plot H21 El Toyo. FADESA. (+)

-Private-Sector RC4B in Vera, 25 hectares, DICO GROUP.

-Hospital Toyo High Resolution. OHL (+)


Year 2002


-Road to Beires Canjayar, 6.3 kms. UCOP-Brs. GARCIA Motril

-Topography of basins for conducting hydraulic modeling, highway Ruta del Toro. FCC.

-Plant obtaining alternative fuels in Albox. Tapusa. (+)

-Underground parking, 600 spaces, Bishop Orberá. GESTVIVIENDA-CONSTRUARAN.



Year 2001


-Technical Assistance Negratín transvase Almanzora, FCC 52kms stretch. IMCA ENGINEERS.

-Assistance in implementing TECNIA PLUS DISCOUNT supemercados in Loja, Penyarroya.

-Technical Assistance collectors and interconnection services between Huercal Viator. IGC.

-Technical Assistance previous studies Parador Roquetas variant highway. OTIPSA.


Year 2000


-Pipeline for transfering water between Negratin basin and Almanzora swamp project. 115kms. APTECO.(+)

-Technical Assistance Albox composting plant. OTIPSA. (+)

-Supply Almanzora, Springer-channel extension. OTIPSA. (+)

-Red rainwater collection in street Alvarez de Sotomayor. UC10



Year 1999


-Channeling in Suflí, Purchena and Cantoria. SOLAGUA .

-Purifying Desert Spring Golf. OTIPSA. (+)

-Replacement of services affected at Sector 20 in Almeria. ELECTROSUR.

-Works to improve the water quality of the lower Almanzora. OTIPSA.

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