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Ash dump
Mines of Rio Tinto




We have  great experience in landfills, stockpiles  of ore quarries and dumps.

Always with the latest technology like laser scanners, Uas or drones, Gps, lidar; we offer security and speed with experience in over 10 years.



Cartography works, profiles, historical remnant according to exploitation project, all with laser scanner, drone or gps.

Periodic measurements of waste dumps  for environmental monitoring, slope stability control, remnants, dischartes, etc.

3D Terrain digitals models

In any work of spillage, stockpiles and controls takeoffs having surface level 0 or definite reference is vital for the viability of the project.

So as more information better results, 3d models, orthophotos, mapping is essential for planning present and future.

Coal or other mineral stockpiles

With current environmental laws criminalizing the burning of fossil fuels having a certain volume is paramount.



Topomar with system ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality gives certainty to their reports, which is what you need for yours reporting.


empresa de topografía
TOPOMAR TOPÓGRAFOS, S.L.P. - Tel. 950640515 - Móvil 606505940 - Email
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