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Deslindes y medición de fincas
Problemas catastrales, deslindes, fincas
Problemas catastrales, deslindes, fincas

Topomar Topógraphers is a company that is registered like as a fly operator company at AESA (Agencia Española de Seguridad Aérea), for working with guarantee.


  • Rpas or dron is very usefull to obtain our own cartography faster and cheaper thand traditional ways.

  • It is specialiced designed to obtain aerial photos in difficult places like cliffs and it is recomendered to:


    • Cubing stockpile of ore

    • Boundaries and reports before courts.

    • Getting mapping

    • Studies of earthworks.

    • Tracking works.

    • Cadastral reports.

    • Power Lines and Substations.



  • It provides support for other work as bathymetries with beach area or dock.

  • The drone is a complement to other surveying tools with advantages like speed and mass data collection.

  • It is particularly advisable to use in rugged, steep, ore stockpiles, quarry areas.

  • The work we do are  orthophotos, cartography planes,photographic reports.

If you have any question or you need a quote please contact us at




Problemas catastrales, deslindes, fincas
empresa de topografía
TOPOMAR TOPÓGRAFOS, S.L.P. - Tel. 950640515 - Móvil 606505940 - Email
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